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Venus: The Dark Side ISBN 978 -1901534122 £9.99GBP $19.99US

That Bitch: Protect Yourself Against Women with Malicious Intent ISBN 978 -1901534108 Paperback £9.99GBP $19.99US

That Bitch: Protect Yourself Against Women with Malicious Intent ISBN 978 -1901534115 Hardback £17.95GBP $35.95US


This book chronicles how specific types of women with no conscience target and abuse innocent, gentle men and women who have too much conscience. These women see their victims as having a character flaw that is there to be exploited.

The book explores the lying, cheating, conniving and manipulation of women with malicious intent. What are the everyday tricks of their tyrannical trade? How she claims to be the victim when she is the aggressor. And how this makes it far more difficult for genuine female victims to receive the help they need and deserve.

The case studies in this book of how men are abused physically, financially, psychologically and even sexually, are truly shocking. Large numbers of men are stigmatised, ridiculed and disbelieved when they don’t conform to society’s male stereotype.


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Table of Contents

Introduction (pages 8 - 14)                                            

Chapter 1 (pages 15 - 31)                                                 

She Did What? Described as ‘domestic terrorists’, read these real life, shocking stories of what malicious women have done to innocent male and female victims in order to get what they wanted at the expense of others.

Chapter 2 (pages 32 - 56)                                                 

How Women Abuse. The tools of their tyrannical trade. How malicious women so skillfully and covertly inflict physical, emotional, financial and sexual abuse.

Chapter 3 (pages 57 - 67)                                                 

Two of a Kind. Meet Ms Truly Evil and Malice in Plunderland. Detailed case studies of two women who preyed on unsuspecting men. And what can be learned by analysing their behaviour and the common mistakes made by their male victims.

Chapter 4 (pages 68 - 90)                                                 

The Psychologies of Malice. Personality disorders, sociopathic and psychopathic behaviour.  How to recognise the tell-tale signs, tactics and behaviour of these women who may be mad, bad or sad.

Chapter 5 (pages 91 - 118)                                                  

Girlfriend, Wife or History? How some women manipulate men into marriage in such a way that he thinks it was his idea!  Why men and women marry. What men must do before they ever ‘pop the question’. The pro’s and con’s of marriage from a male perspective.  Pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements. And what to do if she refuses to sign one.

Chapter 6 (pages 119 - 148)                                                

Divorce - The Final Frontier.  Why women divorce. What to expect from a vindictive wife. What she is probably advised to do to win a higher settlement. What men must do. What men must NOT do. How to select a lawyer.  For any man contemplating divorce, this chapter is must-have information.

Chapter 7 (pages 149 - 172)                                                

Children as Weapons of Male Destruction. How malicious mothers learn to hate their former partners more than they love their children.  And how family courts effectively collude with these women to deprive children of contact with their fathers. And why this is tantamount to child abuse. 

Chapter 8 (pages 173 - 190)                                                

Protection Strategies. Coping strategies that work, and those that won’t. Why she has picked on you. Assessing your options. How to gather proof to protect yourself against false allegations of physical or sexual abuse. How to recognise, deflect and disarm her covert fighting tactics.

Chapter 9 (pages 191 - 216)                                                

Getting Out of Her Clutches. Assessing all of the risks you face. Working for a ‘bitch boss’. Protection for employers. Managing conflict conversations, put-downs and her lies. Ending a relationship with an abusive woman.

Chapter 10 (pages 217 - 232)                                              

Happy Talk. The pursuit of happiness. What a woman is prepared to do when she is unhappy. And what you can do to become happy again.

Chapter 11 (pages 233 - 245)                                              

Full Esteem Ahead.  Moving on and rebuilding your life.

Appendix (pages 246 - 251)                                                

Due Diligence Checklist