Protect Yourself Against Dangerous Women


Meet Mary T Cleary

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Venus: The Dark Side and
That Bitch: Protect Yourself Against Women with Malicious Intent are the SAME book.


Review snippets

1 "This book should be required reading for all young men today..." Click here to read more

1 "It is a truly remarkable read, and of all the books available to men about women, this is one of the best...." Click here to read more

1 "Venus discusses an important phenomenon of the modern era - the unscrupulous woman who uses the protection of the family and criminal law systems as a way to plunder men..." Click here to read more

1"This book should be on the National Curriculum. If you are thinking about becoming a father, getting married, or have a son, then you owe it to yourself and future generations of men to read about and raise awareness of these types of women...." Click here to read more

1"A really usefull book! If you are stuck in a relationship with a manipulative woman, or getting over the trauma of one, this is a must-read...." Click here to read more